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11D Haute Route (Chamonix to Zermatt) Trek (10-20 Jul 2017)

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11D Tour du Mont Blanc Trek (20-31 Aug 2017)

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Group Conditioning Session (GCS)

We subscribe to the basic philosophy that no one should have a bad time in the outdoors. Since most of our adventure programmes require a basic level of physical fitness, we have brought it upon ourselves to encourage our trip participants to tune up their fitness levels with us in our GCS before their trip departure. GCS is a complimentary programme that is unique to Adventure Quests.


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Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc
Covering a distance of 170 kilometers in 10 days, the Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is not just a great challenge but also one of the most scenic long distance walks in the world! You will circle the Mont Blanc massive passing through Italian, Swiss and French villages. Beside the Mont Blanc you will hike close to impressive peaks, huge glaciers and charming mountain lakes ... read more

bullet blue Autumn-Winter Mountain Getaways

It’s now autumn and have you booked your holidays?  We at Adventure Quest have some great destinations for you!

Often referred to as the last Shangri-la, Bhutan is one of the last few places on earth which still boast of unspoilt nature scenery and a strong cultural heritage. Billed as the happiest place in Asia, travellers often feel that they have gone back in time when they are trekking through Bhutan. With its strong Buddhism influence, Bhutan’s colourful culture is guaranteed to be one of a kind in the world. Bhutan’s best season is from now to end of May.  

9D Samtengang Trek
9D Punakha Winter Trek

bullet blue New ! Winter Adventures in The French Alps

snowshoe walking in the alps

For an unforgettable winter adventure, where else but the French Alps. Spend an amazing week in the Mont Blanc valley and indulge in some novel activities in a snow white alpine environment. Whether exploring virgin fresh snow on shoeshoes or enjoying a romantic candle light fondue in a cosy igloo , you're guaranteed a great time !  More info here.

Check out other getaways for your winter holidays here.


bullet blue  Introduction to High Altitude Trekking

Nepal Poon Hill Trekking

For those yearning to try high altitude trekking but clueless on how to begin, our Introduction to High Altitude Trekking programme is your answer. We will shape you up and ship you out for your inaugural high altitude trekking holiday.

This is a specially designed programme that includes physical training and conditioning in Singapore, advice on proper gear and apparel and finally a 10 days overseas trip to catch the spectacular sunrise at the top of Poon Hill Nepal ( 3210m) where you will enjoy the highs of a trekking vacation.

Trip Dates November 2015

View the Introduction To High Altitude Trekking Poon Hill pictures on our

bullet blue  Sri Lanka Active Holidays

Kilimanjaro Summit

For centuries, Sri Lanka has seduced travellers who journeyed from near and far for her precious stones, rare spices and many riches. Yet what was it about this mysterious teardrop-shaped island that captured the hearts and minds of those that have traipsed its soil?

The answer lies in the startling diversity of treasures that Sri Lanka hides within the lush confines of her palm-fringed pristine coastline, its verdant rainforests and sea-kissed beaches. Sri Lanka is a fascinating haven for adventure, with something for everyone.

Added to this is the renowned hospitality of her people which truly makes Sri Lanka a paradise for any active traveller.  Wherever you go in Sri Lanka, you will be met with warmth by the locals with a proud desire to showcase this serene country at her best ... allowing you to explore the country’s riches at your leisure and never feeling like a stranger.

Come join us on our trips to the Island Paradise of Sri Lanka !

Regular Mount Kinabalu Departures

The new summit trail is now open.  Whether you are an individual looking to join a group or a private group wanting to scale Mt Kinabalu, as well as try out the world's highest "iron road", we have regular departures for:

4D Mt Kinabalu - Timpohon Trail
4D Mt Kinabalu with Via Ferrata
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Regular Taiwan Treks

Taiwan is a trekking paradise with relatively little risk of mountain sickness that's commonly associated with the high Himalayas.  For some of the best trekking in East Asia, check out our regular Yushan and Syueshan hikes. For families & hike newbies, the Hehuanshan hikes are most ideal.

4D Yushan Trek
4D Syueshan Trek
4D HeHuan Shan Trek

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