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Our Adventure Solution

At Adventure Quests, we design trips with the very needs, interests, and most importantly, the safety of our members in mind; trips that afford opportunities to experience new challenges as well as opening up your minds and horizon. Combining fun, innovation and a love for the outdoors, our objective is to assist our clients, experienced or otherwise, to realize their outdoor & travel aspirations.

Our clients are a varied mix; from free independent travellers (FIT) to school & corporate groups; from local to overseas join-ins; from 5 year old to 70 year old. What they have in common is a spirit for adventure and the enthusiasm to want to try something new. In adventure travel, it is an unending discovery that travelling together in an outdoor context which challenges both bodies and minds is a great way to building lasting familial & friendship bonding.

Here at Adventure Quests, we assist you in realizing your outdoor aspirations, and let the adventure spirit in you breaks free.

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