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Syue Shan ( Snow Mountain ) Circuit Trek

The Shei-Pa National Park contains some of the most well-known and spectacular peaks in Taiwan, amongst which is Syue Shan ( Snow Mountain 雪山 ) which ranks second highest in Taiwan at 3886 meters.

The ascent of Snow Mountain generally begins at Wuling Farm ( 武陵農場 ), a farm project originally set up by the Taiwanese government in 1963 for retired servicemen. The farm grows fruit and vegetables, and is in the valley below the East Peak ( 雪山東峰 ).

From Wuling Farm, it takes about 2.5 hours of climbing to reach the Chika Hostel (七卡山莊 ), where there is a grove of dead bleached trees on the slope. The hostel is at an altitude of 2,440 meters (8,003 feet), and has sleeping facilities but no catering. From Chika Hostel, trekkers usually continue to ascend the East Peak where there are good views of the surrounding peaks. From there, it's a walk along a ridge and down into a valley to 369 Hostel ( 三六九山莊 ) to stay the night.

The ascent to the Main Summit starts from 369 Hostel with a walk through a forest of pine and deciduous trees known as the 'Black Forest'. Past the pine forest is an 'ice funnel', created by the pressure of winter ice carving out a funnel-like hollow in the rocky landscape. Next there is a ridge of shale, which is the beginning of the climb to the main peak. The whole ascent from 369 Hostel to the main peak takes about 3 hours. The summit offers a great 360 degree panorama of the entire mountain ranges near and far, including Dapajian Shan, and Yushan which can be seen in the far far horizon.

Return is by retracing the route back to 369 & Chika Hostels back to the trailhead with transfer back to Taipei or an optional stop at one of the few hotspring towns such as Puli or Lushan along the way.


*  Return land transfers between Taichung and Wuling Farm
*  Accommodation: Mountain hostel during trek and hotel in Taipei
*  Meals as in itinerary
*  Full mountain trekking arrangement ( including Class A mountain climbing permit, experienced local mountain guide, and park entry fees )
*  Pre-trip briefing and informative AQ trip guide

* International flights & all airport taxes
* Visa if required
* Local land transfers between Taipei and Taichung
* All meals & beverages during trip, except for meals which are included in the trek package arrangement
* Travel insurance, medical immunizations, personal travel / trekking gear

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Duration: 5 days

Maximum Altitude:
3,886-m high Syue Shan main summit


Dates :  
Due to high fixed costs in arranging a private trip, a minimum of 4 persons is recommended.
Group Size : Price
4 persons $1,100
5 - 6 persons $1,050
7 - 8 persons $1,000
9 - 10 persons $950
  • Return international airfare to Taipei can be arranged on behalf.



Day 1
Arrive Taipei and transfer to Wuling Farm (D)
Day 2 - 5 Circuit trek of the Syue Shan mountain range beginning from Taoshan trailhead and over the next 4 days ascend to the summits of Mt Chihyou 池有山 (3303m), Mt Pintian 品田山 (3524m), Syueshan North Summit 雪山北峰 (3703m), Syueshan Main summit 雪山主峰 (3886m).  Overnight in mountain cabins. (B/L/D)
Day 6 Descend to Syueshan trailhead and transfer back to Taipei.  Overnight hotel. (B/L)

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The most suitable times for climbing Snow Mountain are from October to December and March to April. From January to February snow often blocks the trails completely; May is the plum rain season with occasional light showers; and from June to September is the typhoon season which contributes to occasional landslides and slippery trails. The average yearly temperature at altitudes above 3,500 meters ( 11,483 feet ) is 5 degrees Celsius; above 2,500 meters ( 8,202 feet ) it is 10 degrees C.

Wildlife present in the vicinity of the mountain includes Taiwan black bear, deer, squirrels, white-faced flying squirrels, newts, and frogs. There are also a number of rare shrubs, such as the Taiwan sassafrass, and 61 types of flowering plants, including the impatiens flower and ground-covering fragrant grasses, orchids, and many types of alpine flowers. The area is famous for a rare and nearly extinct species of fish called the landlocked salmon (also called brook masu salmon) which used to range in rivers all across the area of the current national park but is now restricted to one small stretch of unpolluted water in the Chichiawan Creek.

Self-sufficiency and good personal outdoor gear is required and essential for an enjoyable outing. With temperatures expected to be -7deg Celsius ( or lower ) with strong wind and possible rainfall, hikers need to be well-equipped with layers of good waterproofs ( both top and bottom ), quality insulation clothing ( fleece jackets, pants, gloves and warm hat ), and synthetic thermal wear ( either polyester or polypropylene fabrics ). Hiking boots with good ankle-support, synthetic socks and knee guards are essential for those with weak knees. Sleeping bags are not provided and these need to be brought along. To carry all these, a good backpack is essential as it’ll make the difference between comfortable carrying or a miserable & painful time on the trail as long trekking hours are to be expected.

Trekkers also need to carry their own personal gear on the trek. For those who’re unable to or unwilling carry a heavy backpack, portage service are available but very costly at about NT4000 ( S$200 ) per day. So best to tune up your fitness levels by training hike with a moderately heavy backpack ( 8-12kg ) before your trip for a few hours each week.

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