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Botswana, a land of diverse beauties, is ideally located in the heart of southern Africa. Botswana has enjoyed remarkable economic growth since independence. From being one of the poorest countries, Botswana has emerged as one the fastest growing economies in the world. Its natural beauty lies in its wilderness, wildlife and cultural diversity.

Hunting and gathering is practised by all tribesmen but is guided by very strict traditional conservation strategies. This cultural heritage has enabled Botswana to preserve vast and diverse species of wildlife and natural resources. At least 17% of Botswana is reserved as parks, which facilitates the protection of the fragile natural environment. Tourism accounts for about 40% of the employment opportunities in Botswana. Among the major tourist attractions are the Okavango Delta, said to be the largest inland delta in the world; Chobe National Park, home of the largest elephant population in the world; the golden sands of the vast Kalahari Desert; the Tuli Block with its rugged terrain and the Moremi Game Reserve.

Botswana is a land of contrasts, where one can experience contrasting life styles. Travel from the busy urban centres, to rural villages, and even to the most remote life of the San people. Safaris, canoeing, boat cruises, hunting and fishing adventures make it the ideal destination for most adventurers

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