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We organise the following trips for Chile. These destinations are all located a good distance away from the unfortunate areas that suffered the late February 2010 earthquake, and are safe to travel.

Trekking & Kayaking
Cochamo Trek & Pumalin Kayak 14 days
Torres del Paine Trek & Pumalin Kayak
17 days
Torres del Paine Hut-to-Hut Trek 12 days
Atacama Twin Volcanoes Summit Trek 14 days
Cochamo Valley Circuit Trek 15 days
Torres del Paine Circuit Trek 16 days
Atacama Ojos Del Salado Summit Trek 19 days
Best of Chilean Valleys Trek
21 days
Chile-Argentina Crossing Cycling 17 days
Horse Trekking  
Chile-Argentina Crossing Horse Trek 15 days


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