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Straddling the equator on Africa's eastern shore, Kenya is one of the most scenically diverse and beautiful countries on the continent - with some of the continent's finest beaches, most magnificient wildlife and scenery and a highly sophisticated tourism infrastructure.

It is also a country of geographical and climatic extremes - from the coral reefs and white sand beaches of the coast to the snow-capped peak of Mt. Kenya (5199-m), crowned with clouds and bejewelled by strange giant alpine plants. Between these two extremes are the rolling savannah that is home to game parks such as Tsavo, Amboseli, the Masai Mara and Samburu; the lush, agricultural highlands with their sleek green coat of coffee and tea plantations; and the most spectacular stretch of the Great Rift Valley, the giant scar across the face of Africa.

One-tenth of all land in Kenya is designated as national parks and reserves. Over 50 parks and reserves cover all habitats from desert to mountain forest, and there are even six marine parks in the Indian Ocean. The people are friendly and the tourist trade well-organised and professional. The downside however is that prices are among the highest on the continent and everything from park fees to hotel rooms are set at sometimes ridiculously, and even taking a photograph in the local market is likely to incur a cost. Despite this, for those in search of a little adventure, this can be an ideal holiday destination.

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