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Sikkim - a rugged Indian Himalaya state tucked far away in the remote eastern Himalaya between Nepal, China, Bhutan and West Bengal India - is probably the "best-kept secret of the Himalaya". Although no longer an autonomous kingdom, Sikkim remains a fascinating corner of the Himalayan Range, with a people and culture unique due to centuries of isolation from the outside world. This state offers extreme contours of the land, from sweltering deep valleys to lofty snow peaks such as the mighty Kangchenjunga. Very few roads penetrate this rugged Himalayan wilderness. The gigantic mountain walls and steep wooded hillsides, drained by torrential rivers such as the Teesta and Rangit, are a botanists dream. Throughout, the land is abound in orchids, rich with groves, and terraced paddy fields.

Culturally, historically and spiritually, Sikkim's strongest links are with Tibet. Long walks onto the surrounding countryside provide glimpses of the full grandeur of the Himalayas and panoramic views of the Kangchenjunga range, the third highest mountain in the world. Trekking and monasteries are the two main attractions at Sikkim. Only recently discovered by adventure travellers worldwide and relatively un-touristed and pristine compared to much-visited Nepal, Sikkim has a multitude of unique experiences for everyone from botanists and plants lovers to adventure trekkers.

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