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Most people think of Taiwan as a modern & industrial country with crowded streets and high concrete commercial buildings but few know that Taiwan is actually an adventure treasure trove to be discovered.

The bulk of the island is covered with remote forested mountains serviced by hundreds of hiking trails. A little known fact is that Taiwan is home to the highest mountain in north east Asia - the 3952m high Yushan ( Jade Mountain ) which is taller than Japan's Mount Fuji. Few travellers are aware that there are actually more than 200 peaks higher than 3000m on the island. With so many high mountains and a good network of well-maintained mountain huts, there is no shortage of hiking opportunities on the island. Indeed, Taiwan is such a hiking paradise that many local hiking enthusiasts are contented to just exploring their back gardens without feeling the need to venture beyond the Taiwan Straits.

Trekking in Taiwan is, however, not for the fainted-hearted. The Central Mountain Range, which forms the spine of Taiwan, is steep and wild, and much of it is covered with thick forests. Summer thunderstorms rise unseen, temperatures can drop below zero, and facilities are few and far between. But for those willing to carry their own gear, the treks are among the most beautiful in Asia.

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