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Tibet : The Roof of The World


Tibet is surely a destination apart from most in the world, the rolling hills of its high plateau and the stunning Himalayas within its boundary are secondary to any other places.

For centuries until the late 19th century, this mysterious Buddhist Kingdom remained closed to foreigners, and its fascinated unknowns exerted a strong hold on the imagination of the world. Its accessibility to the outside world, not only by man but also by nature, attracted many explorers, scholars, and pilgrims and adventure lovers, who were lured by the pursuit of a 'Real Shangri-la'. For many, it is not only the geographical and natural enchants but its mysterious historical culture and religion that appeal to many foreigners who cherish of visiting Tibet at least once in a lifetime.

To taste Tibet with its rich cultural heritage, incredibly dramatic landscapes and fascinating political history is a lifetime dream for many travellers.

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